Cotswolds weekend of food… and drink

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Pork Apple BurgersRestaurant Review

After a fabulous weekend with great friends (M & G) in the Cotswolds, who like us appreciate good food, good ales and good wine it only deserves a few words and photos.

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the return of fab food…

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Monkfish and squid August is the busiest month of the year for me, hence the lack of blog writing or to be honest anything much other than work! And I can always tell when I have recovered and getting back to my usual self as I find myself in the kitchen and wanting to cook up a storm again!

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come dine / wine with me p1

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Pink DiningBriochePrawns and stir-fried cabbagePink roses

Everyone must have heard of the Channel 4 programme Come Dine With Me, and I expect it’s quite common for groups of friends and family to take part in a similar event. Along with friends from work we decided to hold our own Come Dine With You experience (although we think Come Wine With Me might be more apt!). Everyone would host an evening at their own home with a theme of their choice. It also doesn’t need to be a full three course meal it could just be pizza and a movie. I was the first host….

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post running wine and food!

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I know my blog is about food (and sometimes the wine which accompanies it) but this one is a bit different and is about running with a hint of food and drink – just because I am so proud of myself!

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italian wine week

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This blog is more of a pictogram of my week in Italy and some of the drinks we indulged in; mainly wine. Italian Pinot Grigio has never been my favourite grape but we tried lots of wines from the region local to us at Passo Tonale, Trentino, including Pinot Grigio and they were all delicious. As we said during wine tasting many would fit into the “dangerous box”. It has educated me so that I will now look out for wine from this region.

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loving my coffee machine

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Dolce Gusto cafe latte As I sit here enjoying a cup of delicious cup of coffee I decided that my Christmas coffee machine really decided a post dedicated solely to its deliciousness.

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food by my brother

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This is a very belated post – but better late than never! Last week we were treated to a meal cooked by my brother, it doesn’t happen very often, as a chef the last thing he feels like doing on his days off is cooking. But we were treated along with my parents and friends to Scallops, Pork Fillet and Dauphinoise Potatoes.

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Fab food and drink day out

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Today we’ve had a lovely day from coffee at a wine company to a light lunch at Black Jack Street.

Our first stop was for a morning latte at The Ox Wine Company in Northleach. This place had a great ethos they sold wine (obviously) by the bottle to take away, in their bar from the wine list or just pick a bottle u like from the shelf and pay corkage on top of the retail cost. A great idea we thought and the bar looked great all faced with wooden wine boxes. If we were staying at Northleach we would have been regulars but today just a latte!

For lunch we were in Cirencester and ate at The Golden Cross Inn on Black Jack Street, one of the towns historic back streets away from traffic. It was quiet when we popped in for a late lunch but still had a lovely atmosphere. I chose mushrooms with a port and stilton sauce served on a warm roll which was delicious. My other half had a fish finger sandwich, which may sound odd but we’ve noticed them a few times while away, this one was a gourmet homemade fish finger. Must be the new in food on it’s way down to the West Country! Washed down with a Ginger beer.

All that and it’s only early evening so time for a glass of wine.

dinner at betsy’s

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Garlic snailsCarpaccio of tunaBeef stifadoCheese & Biscuits

Enjoying a fabulous meal and catching up with good friends is always great, Saturday night we spent the evening doing just that and had an amazing meal cooked for us, from the Snail canapé to the Tuna starter, Greek main to the Cheese. All accompanied with a selection of tasty wines. So let me tell you about my dinner at Betsy’s!

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loving memories restaurant

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Restraurant table settingRestaurant Review

Last night I went out with family to Memories Restaurant and I’m not afraid to shout about it, it was a fantastic evening and I don’t think I can fault a thing. It was the best meal out I have had in a long time, I knew it would be good and I wasn’t let down.

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