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Fruit & Veg from localfarmbox.co.uk
You know what it’s like you really don’t want to buy your fruit and veg from the supermarket; you don’t know whether it’s fresh, from the UK (let alone local), good value for money or sometimes even what you want… but when you both work full-time it’s convenient and available… and very often disappointing and tasteless!

You try to use the local green grocer but it’s not always easy to carry to the car, they’re open ridiculously early in the morning but closed by the time you leave work at 5.30pm and actually know what you want for dinner (as is the local butcher!).

So what is the solution? I have tried a couple of online fruit and veg delivery services and I have to say localfarmbox.co.uk is the best I’ve tried so far, there veg is just delicious. They cover most of Devon, into North Cornwall and Somerset. It’s not necessary organic but as much as can be is local. So I feel good that I’m supporting my local farms.

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