highlights of the past month or so…

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Hello, I know it’s been a long time and I hope you haven’t all missed my posts too much. I know I’ve been slack in posting (life has been busy) but it doesn’t mean I haven’t got some fab food tales to tell, so rather than try to recall correctly all the details from the past month or so I thought I’d post a storyboard of my highlights, I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any questions…

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and still loving memories restaurant again…

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Restraurant table settingRestaurant Review

Yes I’ve been to my favourite restaurant Memories in North Devon again, now I know you  have read (twice) before how much I love this place here and here. So rather than rave on about it again I’m just going to share the photographs from another amazing meal which started with a scrumptious bottle of Champagne!

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in honour of the jubilee weekend

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Jubilee flags

I do feel guilty as it’s been a while since I’ve managed to write a post. Life has mainly been taken up with running having completed two 10k races. Although I have of course still been eating and cooking but meals have mainly been real quick and easy or recipes I’ve already written about. However I do like to think my articles are more about quality than quantity.

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post running wine and food!

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I know my blog is about food (and sometimes the wine which accompanies it) but this one is a bit different and is about running with a hint of food and drink – just because I am so proud of myself!

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new year… good friends…

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Ready for dinnertood thoughts

Great New Year with fab friends & family. Memories of a kitchen past. The best secret Santa present put to good use. A great meal with our local buddies! What better way to start 2012!

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my christmas dinner

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Christmas Dinner Having shared my Christmas Goose recipe with you yesterday I think it’s only right to share my complete Christmas day food experience; a special breakfast, seafood starter, the all important roast main course, evening snacks as well as cheese and biscuits…

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champagne & waitrose

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IndigoDaisies is on tour and while I’m away I hope to give you snippets of my food and drink highlights.

So what better to celebrate and enjoy my Farm & Cottage Holiday (and a great win) than with my favourite champagne Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top, yummy.

We’ve also treated ourselves to some gorgeous Waitrose nibbles and treats; organic pork pate with orange marmalade, Scottish salmon smoked over pear and heather, spicy salsiccia, Italian prosciutto, sun drenched puglian tomatoes and a selection of delicious cheeses.  Yummy I’m off to enjoy…

my food week

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Today I thought I’d give you a roundup of my food and drink highlights from this week,now that I have just about recovered from my manic time and starting to indulge back into my little food world. And this week has been a time of rediscovery from champagne to coffee, bbq’s to home cooked meals. So below are my highlights…

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highlights of the flourescent hens

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Skate, prawns, salad, chips, peasWell over the weekend I went on a flourescent hen party. Now don’t worry I’m not going to be writing about the whole hen experience but just a couple of food and drink highlights.

The day started with a meal at a popular local restaurant with amazing views and a good atmosphere. We were lucky enough to take over the whole restaurant. 3 of us shared a couple of starters, my favourite of which was the garlic crusted brie wedges – yum! Then for my main I had skate wing cooked with prawns and lemon butter, served with chips and peas. The fish was presented beautifully and tasted just as good. Skate, as I have already said in a previous post, is one my favourite fish, I love the meaty texture and you can just scrape the fish off the wing so you don’t even have to worry about bones. So I was very pleased with my choice of food.

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