Not a food post

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For those who know me or have read a few of my past posts you’ll know my other passion other than food is running; remember Post Running Wine and Food! and Half Marathon Food & Drink? I am a keen runner and this year I am running a series of races for charity. Well my final race is looming so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write about my Keep On Running Fundraising, the charities I am running for and why they are important to me.

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memories 8 years today

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BouquetFood memories

8 years ago I married my lovely hubstar in Fiji, today and perhaps into the weekend we will be celebrating a special day and as I sitting reminiscing I also remembered the food and drink that went along with our day and it only felt natural to write this post which will include quotes from my travel diary… I just hope I do the day justice

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the 20 year theme

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lovefabfood.comlettuceRed pepperTesco Value

There’s been a couple of articles circulating the news and various sites recently which have captured my interest both carrying the 20 year theme; “How the contents of our fridges have changed over 20 years” and the end of an era as we say goodbye to Tesco Value.

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post running wine and food!

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I know my blog is about food (and sometimes the wine which accompanies it) but this one is a bit different and is about running with a hint of food and drink – just because I am so proud of myself!

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Latte @ Bourton-on-the Water

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Delicious latte and homemade cookie in the sunshine at The Dial House, Bourton-on-the-Water.  This place is beautiful and I’d love to come back and stay some day and The Dial House would be just perfect…

champagne & waitrose

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IndigoDaisies is on tour and while I’m away I hope to give you snippets of my food and drink highlights.

So what better to celebrate and enjoy my Farm & Cottage Holiday (and a great win) than with my favourite champagne Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top, yummy.

We’ve also treated ourselves to some gorgeous Waitrose nibbles and treats; organic pork pate with orange marmalade, Scottish salmon smoked over pear and heather, spicy salsiccia, Italian prosciutto, sun drenched puglian tomatoes and a selection of delicious cheeses.  Yummy I’m off to enjoy…

my food week

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Today I thought I’d give you a roundup of my food and drink highlights from this week,now that I have just about recovered from my manic time and starting to indulge back into my little food world. And this week has been a time of rediscovery from champagne to coffee, bbq’s to home cooked meals. So below are my highlights…

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10 most hated or just not eaten properly?

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Broccoli, Tomato, Sprouts, Mushrooms

I stumbled across an article earlier online titled “Top 10 most hated food”

Which got me thinking, are they really the most hated food or just that people don’t know how to cook them properly? So here are my thoughts…

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Welcome to my blog…

This is my first post ever and yes I am nervous and excited at the same time! So with my first blog I thought I’d start with a little intro on what I hope to successfully write about.

As you’ve guessed it’s all about food, eating, cooking, preparing, entertaining, eating out, local produce, foreign ideas, I could go on.

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