crazy food combinations

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What makes life interesting is that everyone is different and this is certainly true when it comes down to food; enjoying very different tastes and flavours. The other day I got talking about some strange combinations, mainly for sandwiches, and straight away wanted to share and collect the craziest food combinations, so don’t be shy comment on this post and let me know yours!

Now my crazy collection is below but first I just had to share this TV clip from friends as it immediately sprung to mind:

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food dreams and random

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Now this morning I woke up thinking “That was a good nights sleep”. Next came “I’m sure I was dreaming” a bit longer to remember and… it was actually a nightmare.

I had dreamt that I had taken part in Come Dine With Me. My guests had a arrived (definitely not foodies) and I hadn’t even started cooking, let alone cleaned or tidied the house, I opened the fridge and it was bare. So to my guests I offer a drink… to my horror the only bottle of wine I had in the fridge was a litre of Hock. Now I think at that point I must have woken in shock! This morning I have busied myself with ordering some more vegetables from my favourite supplier, (of course I’ve already mentioned them) and made a mental note to go wine shopping (not that Hock with ever make an appearance in my fridge). That dream is not going to become a reality, especially when I know I have guests this weekend.

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