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The Old Spot InnOakham Ales InfernoStrawberry Cheesecake

So I went away to a friends for the weekend in the Cotswolds. With our typical British Summer the weather wasn’t great but I had an amazing weekend. All be it a bit random and unexpected but always in a good and memorable way.

My friend plays in a brass band and on the Saturday afternoon was playing at a Garden Fête at a local nursing home. So I went along thinking they’re bound to have stalls and I can always sit with a cup of tea and a slice of cake (would have been even better if it was sunny but at least no rain!). But no I end up tucking into authentic home cooked Indian Curry and it was delicious. Now I thought that was completely random and not at all what you expect from a Garden Fête at a nursing home. Note: they did also have tea and cake…

Late afternoon we wandered into Dursley to The Old Spot Inn, renowned in the area for it’s real ales. So it would have been rude not to take a visit for a pint or two (for research purposes only of course). I chose Oakham Ales; a beer called Inferno which was 4%, pale in colour with a dry, fruity and slightly sweet flavour. We both managed a couple of these and could have happily sat there for a few more! The Old Spot was a really lovely traditional pub with a very welcoming atmosphere and also very popular with a wide age group as well as dogs. Well recommended if you are in the area.

In the evening we were heading to my friend’s friend’s BBQ (make sense?!) or so we thought. After picking some more ale from the local shop (we had the taste for it now) we headed up to her house (which was beautiful I might add) only to find it was a three course meal… So not what we expected but a lovely surprise.

Stuffed Squid with Artichokes

Jack, who cooked (the starter and dessert), obviously has a real talent and what he cooked up was pure restaurant standard. To start we had stuffed squid pan-fried served with artichokes* and a wedge of lemon.

{For main, chicken thighs in a tomato sauce with chorizo, prunes and pine nuts;}
*Amendment and credit where credit is due the artichokes and the main course were actually cooked by our lovely host Clare; a dish called Catalan Chicken, as she commented below a combination of 2 recipes she has tried before. And Clare both were amazing…

And for dessert homemade cheesecake with strawberries. It was all so delicious and unexpected. Thank you to the host and all her friends for a lovely night and making me feel so welcome. Oh and I also learnt that in Spain if you are eating something with wings you can use your fingers!

The Old Spot –
Oakham Ales –

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  1. Hi Candy, you were more than welcome and nice to met you. I must add however that the main was down to me, despite Jack having a hand in pretty much everything else (except the artichokes). Main was Catalan chicken, a combination of two recipes that I’ve trialled before. Saturday’s version was the best yet.

    • Hi Clare
      I was concerned I hadn’t got the whole details of the meal correct. I will add an amendment to the blog later to mention you.
      So the meal was prepared by 2 people with a great cooks rather than one!
      Thank you again for your hospitality.

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