crazy weekend food

July 17, 2012 at 9:40 pm | Posted in Drinking, Eating & Drinking Out, With friends | 2 Comments
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The Old Spot InnOakham Ales InfernoStrawberry Cheesecake

So I went away to a friends for the weekend in the Cotswolds. With our typical British Summer the weather wasn’t great but I had an amazing weekend. All be it a bit random and unexpected but always in a good and memorable way.

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come dine / wine with me p1

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Pink DiningBriochePrawns and stir-fried cabbagePink roses

Everyone must have heard of the Channel 4 programme Come Dine With Me, and I expect it’s quite common for groups of friends and family to take part in a similar event. Along with friends from work we decided to hold our own Come Dine With You experience (although we think Come Wine With Me might be more apt!). Everyone would host an evening at their own home with a theme of their choice. It also doesn’t need to be a full three course meal it could just be pizza and a movie. I was the first host….

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half marathon food & drink

July 1, 2012 at 9:54 pm | Posted in Eating & Drinking Out, My meal, With friends | Comments Off

ProseccoRisotto ballsCalamariPepperoni Pizza

1 week ago today I proudly completely the Torbay Half Marathon (2hrs 2mins 30 secs) with a special friend. This is the furthest I have ever run and as we were staying in Torquay that night with our hubstars it only seemed right to indulge in some celebratory drink, food and then more drink!

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