post running wine and food!

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I know my blog is about food (and sometimes the wine which accompanies it) but this one is a bit different and is about running with a hint of food and drink – just because I am so proud of myself!

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tea and cake

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Cup of Tea Working in an office and drinking tea (or coffee) seem to go hand-in-hand. In my office afternoon cake quite often accompanies our 3.10pm cup of tea! Today, as always, we took turns making the round of drinks; the conversation then evolved to be about tea…

…the next thing I was thinking what a great blog post. So here it is a blog on tea facts.

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italian wine week

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This blog is more of a pictogram of my week in Italy and some of the drinks we indulged in; mainly wine. Italian Pinot Grigio has never been my favourite grape but we tried lots of wines from the region local to us at Passo Tonale, Trentino, including Pinot Grigio and they were all delicious. As we said during wine tasting many would fit into the “dangerous box”. It has educated me so that I will now look out for wine from this region.

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italian food week

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Hotel Mirandola Having just got back from a snow holiday at Passo Tonale in Italy I thought it only right to share the dinner menu from my fantastic week. My hubstar, brother and I stayed in piste-side accommodation,
the Hotel La Mirandola, renowned for its food, decor and location; and the restaurant was just beautiful.

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