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What makes life interesting is that everyone is different and this is certainly true when it comes down to food; enjoying very different tastes and flavours. The other day I got talking about some strange combinations, mainly for sandwiches, and straight away wanted to share and collect the craziest food combinations, so don’t be shy comment on this post and let me know yours!

Now my crazy collection is below but first I just had to share this TV clip from friends as it immediately sprung to mind:

Below is my crazy collection so far…

  • Ham & Dolly Mixture Sandwiches. Apparently because as a child he never liked ham sandwiches so on having them in his packed lunch he would add his dolly mixtures and the combination has stuck.
  • Peanut Butter & Jam. No explanation except they taste good and the jam makes the peanut butter less dry. No preference with type of jam.
  • Banana on Toast. Now I can understand this one as I’m sure as a student I used to snack on banana and chocolate spread toasties.
  • Cheese & Honey. Now this one is mine. Fabulous on toast, put the honey on first and then slices of cheddar on top. Also good in sandwiches but be careful as if having them for packed lunch the honey will make the bread a bit soggy.
  • Philadelphia with Sweet & Sour Sauce.
  • Tuna & Grape or Tuna & Curry Powder. How did anyone think to add curry powder to curry!
  • Dairylea & Pickled Onion.
  • Only Red Sweets will do. Now I understand this one, red sweets are my favourite and I can’t stand green sweets, in fact I always give them away. And I only like Haribo Tangfastics if they have the (red) bears in, does anyone know why sometimes there just aren’t any bears?

If  like me you just want to watch more of that friends clip (it makes me laugh every time), just click here to watch on and don’t forget to comment with your crazy combinations.

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  1. cold beans, cheese and vinegar :) Hmmmmm

  2. marmite and banana yum… go on you know you wanna try it!

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