delicious roasted beetroot

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BeetrootChopped beetrootIngredientsRoasted

A great thing about buying a veg box is that you get to try things you wouldn’t normally pick up in the shop. Then you have to work out how to cook it, for me this is the exciting bit and yesterday it was beetroot (again). We’re all used to having beetroot as a salad but I was sure you must be able to do something else with this vegetable.

I have tried a couple of things, cooking with pork and chicken and although nice I haven’t quite managed to fine-tune it. Last night I thought I’d try roasting it as other root vegetables roast just fine. And I have to tell you it tasted fabulous and the texture was beautiful, it crisped up perfectly around the edges, while locking in its flavour and complementing the other ingredients.

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scrumptious sunday supper

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sparkly dinnerRoasted vegRoast potatoesCauliflower cheese

We’ve just spent a lovely time with friends who have been to stay for the weekend with their beautiful daughter. Being mid July it should have been a glorious sunny, warm weekend spent in the garden with a lovely Sunday afternoon BBQ. But not so, rain mixed in with a chilly wind, add more rain and then alot more. So what else to do than cook a scrumptious Sunday roast supper and spend with family and friends.

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food dreams and random

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Now this morning I woke up thinking “That was a good nights sleep”. Next came “I’m sure I was dreaming” a bit longer to remember and… it was actually a nightmare.

I had dreamt that I had taken part in Come Dine With Me. My guests had a arrived (definitely not foodies) and I hadn’t even started cooking, let alone cleaned or tidied the house, I opened the fridge and it was bare. So to my guests I offer a drink… to my horror the only bottle of wine I had in the fridge was a litre of Hock. Now I think at that point I must have woken in shock! This morning I have busied myself with ordering some more vegetables from my favourite supplier, (of course I’ve already mentioned them) and made a mental note to go wine shopping (not that Hock with ever make an appearance in my fridge). That dream is not going to become a reality, especially when I know I have guests this weekend.

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comforting cheese on toast

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Ketchup, Worcester & Chilli Sauce

Now my next article was going to be on the delicious Thai curry my lovely husband cooked on Thursday but since having a late night cheese on toast snack last night I want/need to talk about that. Of course the cheese I’m talking about here is Cheddar.

There is something lovely about cheese on toast and you can often forget what a lovely snack it is. And it was the perfect snack last night. Buttered toast with lashings of sliced cheese, a splash of Worcester sauce and then melted under the grill.

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celebration food

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Celebration cakeCelebration food

I’m sorry for my absence over the past week, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking and enjoying good food!

At the weekend we had a special party for a special person’s birthday. Held at one my favourite pubs next to the river, with fabulous views and of course great food for any celebration.

However the main focus is the cakes which were provided by Louise Headon Cakes and to say they were breath-taking is an understatement. You can see from the top photo the intricate details in the decorations which is all hand made and edible.

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